Catalina Gonzalez is a mother, wife, Certified Counselor, Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor, Substance Abuse and Recovery Coach and a Wounded Healer from past sexual abuse and eating disorders. She has over ten years of experience in recovery herself and through supporting sexual abuse victims in their recovery process. Her passion lies in accompanying people through the scary process of mending of what is broken from peoples past and present. She is a Jesus Follower and a Yoga lover. She found Jesus one night in her yoga mat that day she realized her faith was inside a box thinking in church language that day she found her sacred space, she learned the art of letting go, her body was breaking up from past baggage more than the one she ​​​​broke over her ten years of recovery. She was carrying blockage in her womb, heart and body. That experience gave her the joy of sharing her passion for yoga. She would love to share this joy with you in a yoga class.  

My dream is to lead  yoga for people who are survivors of sexual abuse I believe it is time to build a world of love I am not just  trying  to only build a new yoga business, I want to make the difference I believe is time to introduce yoga not only to the high income but introduce also the low income people who are in need of love and understanding. My goal is to create a business that will be able to self sustain along with Mercy Olio Bottega  and provide mats and free yoga classes for the sexual abuse survivors , rehabilitation programs , low income  and inner city kids

" Yoga Revolution Love Just Feels Right"

Catalina Gonzalez